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The Whole 30

Right before Thanksgiving, I had the unusual idea to try a new diet: the Whole30. ...essentially it’s a diet where you cut out everything that makes life beautiful and you suffer immensely. 


We have a primal virtue of empathy that feeds our need to be involved in each other’s emotions, to connect and to share. Most times when someone says, “I know how you feel” it’s met with disdain because we consider our experiences alien for those who haven’t lived them; they are not. Human emotion is a wholesome experience. Our situations may vary but the raw emotional end of it all is the same and it should be a comfort that we’re not so different.

The challenges we live through everyday are what make us who we are. This is a saying that probably every single one of us has heard, and most of us believe; I happen to be one of those believers.

When we look at the statement, many of us feel inspired and even motivated by it, but what if someone lives a challenge and it destroys them, what if they get knocked down so hard and they couldn’t get up again?