The Rise. The Fall. And the Left Behind.

We have failed.

We have failed, and we are still failing. Everyday, we fall further into the darkness, and the bottomless abyss that is failure. If it weren’t for the few that are fighting to get us out of the darkness we would have long been swallowed by the darkness, with only each other to feed on.

But there are warriors out there, carrying torches, risking burning their hands off for the sake of getting as many as they can out of the darkness, out of the life of injustice and corruption that is surrounding us in many ways and forms.

I have often wondered when this world would come to an end? What is the amount of humanity that needs to be lost for God to decide to end the world? Do we not lack humanity enough for that day to come? When all you see around you is prejudices, deaths, inequality, and oppression, it gets hard to see how it could get any worse.

Then I received my answer when I started seeing people refusing to stand up for what’s right in fear of causing trouble. In fear of losing the power they possess. In fear of being attacked. In fear of losing privilege. And every time the wind blows harder on the warriors, and it’s when those warriors decide to extinguish their torches and settle for the darkness around them, that the world will have no hope left, and will cease to exist.

Right now, in some places around the world, the people are coming together and lighting up entire cities. United against the evil of the world. Ending the reign of darkness. 180 million in India are currently fighting.

In others, some people are grouping together, being attacked but are still holding their grounds. Some soldiers have fallen but the light of the resistance doesn’t fail to light the way ahead of them. Keeping them strong.

While in other places close and far, darkness  has consumed the place. Everything is overlooked. Nothing can be seen. But the warriors still exist in this world. They’re not gone. They’re dying in some places and reborn in others. We’re here. Our light can be seen. But we’re falling.

The torch you hold in your hands, the knowledge you have in your brain, the humanity that’s in your soul, they’re all gifts. But they’re also burdens.

Huge burdens. Sometimes the burden is too much. There’s so much to be fixed around you, and anger and frustration fill your existence. It gets too much, and more often than not, you’re tempted to let go of the torch. To pretend to be ignorant of the ways of the World, and allow the darkness to consume you. And just let go.

And we’re falling.

Then you come across another fighter. A warrior, and a they’re going strong. You know that person is suffering as you are; is overwhelmed as you are, but is pushing him/herself.

S/he stops and looks at your torch that is slowly dying, smiles in understanding, and holds her/his torch to yours. Supporting you. Bringing your torch once again to life. Your humanity back to your soul. And you rise together.


It’s the warriors that are keeping this world going. Both literally and metaphorically. They’re keeping us human. And we’re rising.


The fight in you is a fight deserving to be fought. Don’t pull the curtains down and put it on mute.

Live it. Fight it. Win it. Rise with it.

Light as many torches along the way. And don’t stop. Not until the whole world is full of light.

Walk with your torch held high. Take a knee. Wear the burkini. Go to school in a headscarf. Wear the palestinian flag. Write and draw about syria. Stand to protect your water and heritage. Hold up your torch in any way you can. Anyway you know how to.

Then we will rise.

Know that darkness will always exist, but we can overpower it if our torches stand united.

If we do that. If we stand against the injustice and evilness. Then we’ll never fall.

Nadia Kamal is a senior High school student who wishes to study psychology and understand the human mind and its functions. She aims to devote her life to aiding the poor, ill and helpless.

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