If you truly love me

If you want to go deep, don't talk to me about everyday stuff.

Talk to me
about politics, and conspiracies, about new world orders, senators, presidents and dictatorships.
about how history is repeating itself.
about why and who is responsible for all the wars and bloodshed.
about all the facts I never knew, how much our world has changed, for both better and worse.
about the cruelty of the people in power who enjoy watching kids screaming on the dead bodies of their parents telling them to wake up.

Tell me
how much you hate seeing a homeless man looking for food
how excruciating the pain of watching children dying by bombs in neighbouring countries is.
how much you wish you could end poverty, war, racism, inequality, hatred, rape, oppression, child labour and every single issue that bothers you.
how you changed, what beliefs and morals made you a better person, who influenced you, the ups and downs you went through.
how you wish you could die doing something good, or on your way to inspire someone to work on their dreams.

Show me
how you purify your sole everyday.
how you always strive for the best.
how much you struggle to choose right over wrong Every Single Day.
how you let go of bad habits, and how you introduced healthier ones to your life.

Talk to me
about all those prayers you say each day.
about all the things that once made you cry, and the things that made you rebel.
about the little things that make you love life.
about the progress you make each day.
about those that saw the best in you even when you couldn't see it in yourself.

Tell me
why it's so important to you that you live with dignity, and die with dignity too.
why being a ‘third world’ country bothers you.
why it's so important for me to believe in something bigger than me, to aim for something that is just greater than my soul needs.
why it's crucial to cleanse my heart no matter how hard the process is.
why you never settle for anything.

Show me
the core of your identity.
the moral code you're driven by.
the compassion in your heart
the things that keep you motivated. 

Lift me up
in knowledge, values, beliefs, faith, morals and good virtues.

I'm saying if you truly love me; show me how to be a better human being.

Hiba Hijazi is a third year medical student living in Jordan. She loves discussing topics related to humanity and relationships, sharing writings that are inspired by her daily life, and hopes one day she'll end up being an OB/GYN.

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