The Jordan Chapter

Our Jordan team is dedicated to opening up difficult conversations in Jordan, implementing programs and creating the foundation necessary to sustain these dialogues. We want to build safe spaces where individuals can belong, and a supportive community built on self awareness, engagement and compassion.


Jordan Chapter Fellows

Want to start conversations about Mental Health and disabilities, abuse and trauma, and social justice? Want to join a recovery oriented team in supporting communities? Are you passionate about using intersectional frameworks, elements of support and compassion, and believe everyone not only deserves but is expected to find recovery and self actualization?

If you answered yes to the above then we want to work with you.

Life in My Days (LIMD) is a non-profit dedicated to starting difficult conversations through an online social change platform that fosters healing, resiliency, and growth, and supporting communities on the ground to build foundations of resilience, love, support, and compassion and transforming communities into safe spaces of belonging. LIMD is an international non-profit, reaching over 150 countries, and working with dozens of communities worldwide, and have team members all around the world.

Currently, we are searching for fellows to support our Jordan chapter, a team of innovative individuals who are changing the way we’re talking about  social justice, mental health and disabilities, and abuse and trauma in Jordan.

We are looking for incredible individuals to be part of our fellowship program, we’re looking for you! As part of our team you will have the opportunity to work with the community in Jordan, as well as influence our work internationally, gain skills and expertise in starting difficult conversations, and have access to global change makers who are leaders in starting difficult conversations.

The fellowship program is designed to invest in incredible individuals who share our vision. You’ll start off with a non paid 10 hour a week three month trial period,to determine if it’s the right fit for both of us and to support you in getting to where you need to go. Following the three months fellows have the opportunity to apply for our year long paid fellowships with expanded tasks and an even greater reach.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to safety and accessibility and will do our absolute best to create a flexible work arrangement and accommodations that meet your unique lifestyle.

Ready to get started? Check out the different fellowships we have and apply now!

Creative & Branding Fellow

Creative & Branding Fellow to push Life in My Days image in a unique and engaging way to support and sustain our growth. As a fellow, you will support the creation of a design team and learn how to develop graphics and designs of brochures, posts and flyers.  

Editorial fellow

Excellent writing, and organizational skills with a knowledge of Social Justice. You will help in writing proposals, reports, formal emails, brochures and creative material needed, as well as support the team in finding new and creative writers for the site.

Social Media and Marketing fellow

Bring our material and push the company image in a dynamic, visually engaging direction. As a fellow, you will be provided with the opportunity to practice your public relations skills and learn ways to reach a large global audience.
Create and Manage Events via social media outlets and website. You will be in charge of posting new content on the Facebook page and announce any new programs or events.

Community and Business Development fellow

Work hand in hand with our Executive Director in building sustainable partnerships with local, national and international spaces including colleges, schools, Universities, etc..
Focus on expanding our work, and generating revenue through innovative new projects. This fellow will work closely with different parts of the organization to ensure successful program launches.

Fundraising fellow

Work hand-in-hand with our development team to plan fundraising events and crowdsourcing campaigns. This fellow will work very closely with the Director of Development to create a  capital campaign to allow us to bring our services to any community, regardless of financial ability.

To apply please send us your letter of interest for the fellowship you want (in Arabic or English) and your CV, we will contact you very soon for the personal interview.
For any questions don't hesitate to contact us at


Who Are We?

We are the Jordan Chapter of Life in My Days, our team from the local community aim to empower the community to take charge and get these conversations going in a sustainable way. Do you want to start a conversation?

نحن فرع الأردن من مؤسسة .Life in My Days  في الأردن فريقنا الرائع من المجتمع الأردني يسعى لتمكين المجتمع على بدء هذه المحادثات الصعبة والوعي بالذات. عندكم حوار حابين تبلشوه؟ 

To know more about our work feel free to contact us at:

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Why Is This Work Needed?

With an ever changing community in Jordan we are seeing a greater demand for Mental Health services and support. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding Mental Illness and seeking treatment makes it nearly impossible for individuals to seek treatment at the onset of Mental Illness, and instead are only seeking treatment when they’re dealing with severe mental illness, if they reach out at all. 

Communities and individuals are in need to professional resources who can support their healing process. Yet, these issues remain unsafe topics to discuss in public.

Our Work

Through series of programs and mini-campaigns, we will raise awareness on issues that impact our Mental Health such as mental health and disabilities, abuse and trauma, and social injustices. We will also  provide tools to facilitate healing. We will also connect individuals and communities with resources for the future through our partners and sponsors. Through our work we will reach individuals and communities that are most in need, and are searching for ways to build safe spaces.

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How You Can Support Us

We are searching for Partners and Sponsors to support our work not only with the cost but also with making sure that this campaign reaches the areas it’s needed most. 
Partner: We want you on the table as we’re planning this. We want your support in fundraising, and even doing the events themselves. We want you with us every step of the way. 
Sponsor: We want you with us in whatever capacity you can help, financially, promotion, planning, etc. 

Email for more information. 

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