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Welcome to the   Jordan Chapter!




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هل شعرت يوما وكأن كل شيء في حياتك قد أخذ نصيبا من تفكيرك إلا أنت؟ كأنك تعطي الأولوية لكل شيء ماعدا نفسك؟ كأن الحياة أخذت كل وقتك وطاقتك ، دون أن تترك شيئًا لك؟

إذا أجبت بنعم على أي مما سبق ، فإن هذا الحدث مناسب لك!

نحن في مؤسسة Life in My Days ، نؤمن بأهمية كل فرد منكم, لذا نريد أن نكرس هذا اليوم من أجلك. يوم من الحضور الذهني، الوعي الذاتي وحب الذات. يوم ستحصل فيه على فرصة العودة إلى نفسك أخيرًا ، لتتعرف على نفسك بطريقة جديدة تمامًا!

إنضم إلينا يوم السبت ١١/٨/٢٠١٨ في بيت شباب عمان, المدينة الرياضية. و إن لم تكن بعمان، لا تقلق؛ سنأتي إليك قريبا.

فورم التسجيل:

سعر التذكرة 5 دنانير فقط.

Ever felt like your mind was all over the place? Like you had too much on your plate that you pushed yourself aside? Like life has taken away all your time and energy, leaving none for yourself? If you answered yes to any of the above, this event is for you!

We in Life in My Days, believe that each and every one of you matter. So we want to dedicate this day for you. A day of mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-love. A day where you will be given the chance to finally get back to yourself, to know yourself in a whole new way!

Join us on the 11th of august in bait shabab amman, sport city! If you aren’t in Amman, don’t worry, we will come to you soon!

Sign up form:

Ticket price: Only 5 JD.

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Why Is This Work Needed?

With an ever changing community in Jordan we are seeing a greater demand for Mental Health services and support. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding Mental Illness and seeking treatment makes it nearly impossible for individuals to seek treatment at the onset of Mental Illness, and instead are only seeking treatment when they’re dealing with severe mental illness, if they reach out at all. 

Communities and individuals are in need to professional resources who can support their healing process. Yet, these issues remain unsafe topics to discuss in public.

Our Work

Through series of programs and mini-campaigns, we will raise awareness on issues that impact our Mental Health such as mental health and disabilities, abuse and trauma, and social injustices. We will also  provide tools to facilitate healing. We will also connect individuals and communities with resources for the future through our partners and sponsors. Through our work we will reach individuals and communities that are most in need, and are searching for ways to build safe spaces.

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How You Can Support Us

We are searching for Partners and Sponsors to support our work not only with the cost but also with making sure that this campaign reaches the areas it’s needed most. 
Partner: We want you on the table as we’re planning this. We want your support in fundraising, and even doing the events themselves. We want you with us every step of the way. 
Sponsor: We want you with us in whatever capacity you can help, financially, promotion, planning, etc. 

Email for more information.