About the Healing and Justice Transformation Fellowship Program

Location: Greater Waterbury (CT, USA)

Life in My Days designed this fellowship program with and for youth and young adults who are community organizers/advocates, experiencing homelessness, people of color, and people who exist at the margins.

Over 12 months (September 2019 - August 2020), we are looking to partner with and support 20 youth and young adults who

  • have an interest in environmental, economic, racial, disability, queer, indigenous, femme, or any other type of justice and equity work
  • have at one point, currently are, or might experience houselessness/homelessness
  • have experiences warfare and/or forms of physical, psychological, emotional, or sexual violence
  • are members of the LGBQ and/or TGNC community
  • live with disabilities and/or mental health challenges
  • have lived through and/or live with trauma

Life in My Days will support individuals in identifying meaningful goals for themselves and creating a plan to get there, particularly as it relates to advancing their skills as community organizers. Life in My Days is looking to empower individuals on their journeys for self-actualization and community transformation.

You Should Join If * you fit any combination of who we mentioned above

  • are between the ages of 16-25
  • live in or can get to Waterbury, CT (transportation support available if needed)
  • are willing to learn with and from others

The Structure of the Fellowship

This program will be a space to convene 20 young people, working on any part of justice work. It will center healing and self-actualization and expand on one's understanding of justice work.

Throughout the fellowship, young leaders will have space to challenge and learn from one another as well as grow together. The foundation of the program is rooted in Belonging, Equity, Accountability, Self-Actualization, and transformation, with a goal of bringing justice work to spaces that have never had it in the past and elevating the current work to an intersectional and equitable level.

Apply Today

Deadline Aug 15th

Accepting applicants on a rolling basis

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This includes full day trainings on weekends (approximately 10 days total throughout the year, monthly two hour meetings, and bi-monthly one on one check ins)

Interested in sponsoring a participant, let us know ibelong@lifeinmydays.com