Funny Eid Expectations

Comedic video from our Design Fellow, Lina Abojaradeh. 

Find her art, here.

Don't forget to turn on captioning.

A Logo is Born - Life in My Days

Body Dysmorphia, Suicide, and Politics

Roles and Responsibility in Ending Oppression

I Am Limitless - Poem on Identity

Social Injustice Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)



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Living Between the Lines

Living Between the Lines

In the foreground a 3' x 3' piece of aged plywood is painted with a clock face, black numbers with a white background.  The clock hands are red and it is showing a time of 5:57. The clock is angled and behind it stands a wooden fence with four more clocks. One looks like the kind you would see in a kitchen, the other three are various times and various colors on plywood. Behind the fence a decaying house also holding a plywood clock, along with two large dots. This photograph is a scene from the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, Michigan. Learn more, here