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Youth and Young Adult Environmental Justice Healing & Transformation Fellowship

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Every day millions of individuals are feeling the effects of climate change as we shift towards a total and complete climate catastrophe. Around the world communities of color, individuals living in poverty, individuals with dsaibilities and Mental Health challenges and others of the most marginalized are feeling its effect in critical ways. The need to invest in our future Environmental Justice leaders and support their understanding in intersectional frameworks that aim to eradicate Climate Change and all the sytems that feed it is now!

12 Month Fellowship

This program will be a space to convene 20 young leaders, working on any part of justice work, from around the world for a 12-month fellowship that centers Environmental Justice work as work that everyone needs to be doing regardless of occupation or current involvement. Throughout the fellowship, these young leaders will have space to challenge and learn from one another as well as grow together. The foundation of the program is rooted in transformation, equity, and justice, with a goal of bringing Environemntal Justice work to spaces that have never had it in the past, and elevating the current work to an intersectional and equitable level.

Long-Term Impact

By participating in the fellowship, these 20 young leaders will grow in many ways: they will understand their issues areas more deeply because of an emphasis on research, they will value the requirement of transformation and equity in their work, they will prioritize the needs and experiences of the most marginalized in their communities, and more. Supporting this fellowship program means investing in their leadership and the leadership of those they mentor and work with-- for years beyond.

We're looking to begin two co-horts one web-based for leaders around the world, and one in Waterbry, CT to focus on local grassroots work that's being done in central Ct.

Support us in being able to offer this program for free to leaders from CT and around the world here.


Last year, we piloted a shorter version of this program, here's what participants had to say six months after the program ended:

"I wish this program was around 30 years ago when I started my climate change work, healing back then would've guided my work in ways I can only imagine. I'm so grateful to Ahmad and the rest of the team for the work their doing in making this work more equitable, and for the role they played in my future work. Now, I can officially say I do Environmental Justice work and not just climate change work."

"Better than two years of therapy."

"This program was my last hope-- I was about to leave all the work behind before it nearly destroyed me, but I said I'd try one final thing. Then week after week I came back, and realized that there was nothing wrong with me for feeling the overwhelming anxiety that I did, and that burnout happens to so many individuals all around. Today, I'm more productive than ever, and it's thanks to the tools I learned, and me prioritizing healing and taking care of myself as I do my food Justice work. I recently started mentoring others in ways I wished others would've mentored me when I first began three years ago. Thank you!"

If you're interested please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch in April about the details of the program.

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