Life in My Days is looking for new board members!

Life in My Days, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to starting difficult conversations around Mental Health and Disabilities, Abuse and Trauma, and Social Justice, around the world. Through working directly with communities and our online change platform we’re able to build safe spaces where individuals can share their personal experiences in a way that promotes healing and growth, and builds spaces where individuals can belong.  As well as working with communities directly to support their transformation.

Role of the Board:

  • Guide the vision of the organization and support the growth of the organization.

  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility by monitoring income and expenses and developing realistic budgets;

  • Ensuring social responsibility in terms of internal and external policies, and best practices within the organization.

  • Fundraising to ensure the financial health of the organization.

The Life in My Days Board shall aim to be comprised as follows: a majority will be non- cis male and people of color with lived experience, reflecting the diversity of our audience members and communities we work with and allowing us to continue operate as a peer run organization.

Qualities we are looking for:

  • Demonstrated commitment to intersectionality.

  • Commitment to starting these difficult conversations and wanting to build safe spaces

  • Believing in our potential and a desire to contribute to our growth and development

  • Belief in your own potential and a desire to take charge or your life and a commitment to wellness

  • Willingness to make Life in My Days a priority, and support us in terms of non-profit management, fundraising, program management, building connections, expanding, and branding.

Board Member Expectations:

  • Attend all board meetings (virtual)

  • Attend one two day-long planning retreat in person a year or virtual depending on board availability (Location to be determined by board if in person).

  • Share in leadership roles on the Board (such as meeting facilitator, committee leader, etc)

  • Dedicate time to the organization. 10 hours a month is the range we are expecting, plus the 2 hour monthly board meeting.

  • Help fundraise/grant writing; have a personal goal and a plan to see it through. Personal goals last year ranged from $200-$2000/year.

  • Make a financial contribution at a level that is meaningful for you and become a sustaining donor.

  • Serve a three year term.

  • Take care of themselves

These expectations are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

How to Apply:

Please fill out the application below and email your resume to

Name *
Phone number
Phone number
Country and City
Mental Health Challenge, Substance use challenge, disability, etc.
If no, please do so ASAP, as we can not ocnsider you without your resume.

If you have any questions please email