Every single one of us deserves to BELONG wherever we may be. Unfortunately, many of us do not find, or find it difficult to find, places where we truly belong. Not belonging inhibits our love for life, compassion for others, and wholeheartedness. 

Life in My Days is one of the places in which our team can belong and we want to offer it to you as well. We believe the world can benefit greatly, not just from one voice but from ALL of our collective voices. Your voice matters, and we hope Life in My Days can be your safe space as well. 

We are seeking submissions for posts for Life in My Days, so that we may express our freedom together and learn from one another. 

To not hinder your expression, there will be no guidelines that you must follow other than that your piece must be true to yourself, and based on your experiences. We want to hear from you, after all. Please take a look around the site to see the types of posts we're looking for. 

Some of the main topics we're looking for include: Love, Compassion, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Discrimination, Oppression, Identity, Intersectionality, Transformation, Equity, Belonging, Self-Actualization, Accountability, Career Development, Personal Development, Travel, and Life in general. Basically, if anything is going on in your life, we want to hear about it. 

Once ready, please submit your post using the form below and we'll get back to you within 10 business days. We may suggest edits, request clarification, or let you know if your piece, although amazing, deserves a different home. If you're submitting a piece about a current event, please include that in the title. It will help us prioritize to ensure relevance. 

By submitting your article to us you give us permission to publish all or any part of it on our site, our marketing material, for usage for our trainings/workshops, or any other avenue. Of course, you retain the rights to your article, so feel free to publish it elsewhere as well, but we’d love for you to include that the article was originally published on lifeinmydays.com We also welcome previously published articles that you believe our community will benefit from reading.

Lastly, expressing and honoring your experiences doesn’t have to only be in article form, we’re happy to share art, videos, and anything else that you’d like to share to connect to others around the world.

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