Click on the image for some programming info.

Click on the image for some programming info.

Welcome to the Life in My Days community!

WE are a Peer & Youth led international 501(c) 3 (EIN: 81-5093147) non-profit built on a foundation of Peer Support, Disability Justice, Racial Justice, Divestment from capitalism and Patriarchy, Indigenous People Justice, and LGBTQ Justice. We are founded on pillars of Belonging, Equity, Self-Actualization, and Transformation. We are community led, supporting dozens of communities around the world. We are lived experience centered, sharing experiences from over 50 individuals around the world on our Moments page. We support individuals on their journeys to healing and self-actualization. We support community transformation. We are Equity consultants.

Our Programs:

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Healing and Transformation

Online and in-person educational programs that focus on transformation, equity, recovery, and self-actualization.

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Community Transformation

Supporting Communities' transformation around the world by building community foundations built on concepts of support, recovery, and self actualization to create spaces of Belonging where we're able to have conversations around Mental Health and Disabilities, Abuse and Trauma, and Social Justice.

If you're interested in bringing us to your community click here.


Social Change Platform is a space for individuals from around the world to share their experiences in a way that promotes healing and growth and to find a safe space where they belong. Click here for submission guidelines.

Our Story

On the eve of February 21st, 2016 our Founder, and current Executive Director Ahmad Abojaradeh, sat in a cafe and poured his heart out to the world, in an attempt to build a safe space where individuals from all around the world can belong, and to start difficult conversations that all of our communities desperately needed. 

The following words were the very first ones he wrote at the time:

"I want to remember being alive. I want to remember the moment I typed these words, with chandeliers, ceiling fans and a skylight with two butterfly balloons stuck on the ceiling. I want to remember the drive over here and the drive home. I want to live every moment, filled with appreciation and love and looking forward to having more moments. But this moment, this moment is independent from any other moment, it's not any better or any less because of the moment before or the moment after. This moment is mine, just like the one after it.  But this moment has room for other moments, and it's eager to connect to moments from all around the world, to connect, to grow and to learn from others because there's so much more out there than a single moment can comprehend alone, but together, together we can live endlessly, internalizing this very moment. 

I want to celebrate life, not the days but the moments, something that's best learned from those that are still in the very beginning of their lives. But there's nothing that says we can't return to times when the greatest thing was going to play outside. Why can't we play outside again? 

This site is a celebration of life, of wellness, of acceptance, of love and all the other values that make us who we are. We will laugh, we will cry, we will be because we can, because it's our inherent right as humans. Just like it's our right to live in peace, free from oppression and injustice regardless of our race, sex, orientation, religion and anything else. 

This site is my expression of freedom, and living a wholehearted life beyond any social constructs. Will you join me?"

Tens of Thousands joined them, and in less than a year, a team of passionate individuals signed on and helped develop Life in My Days into a non-profit that strives to start difficult conversations all around the world, specializing in starting conversations around Mental Health and Disabilities, Social Justice, Abuse and Trauma, and so many more topics that have historically been taboo. 

To learn more about the brilliant individuals that keep everything running check out our team page. 

Today, much has changed since that evening in February, and much has remained the same. We are still committed to building a safe space where individuals can belong and starting difficult conversations, but now, we're over 100K members strong. Thank you for joining our family, and for those that haven't yet, we continue to ask Will you join US?