In less than a decade there will be 8 Billion people in the World. We're currently at 7.4 at the time of this writing, but that number is literally changing by the second. This means that We, like the rest of you, are each one in 7.4 Billion. That should scare us. It would have a couple of years ago, or a few months ago, or even a few moments ago, but right now, at this very moment, I have a large smile on my face because We are each one in 7.4 Billion, and We're each still unique. We don't know a single person exactly like each of us and if we did, we'd risk being called delusional (nothing new) because the possibility of us being us is one in 400 Quadrillion. Last we checked, that's much higher than 7.4 Billion. Trust us, we're a team of an Engineer, a Coffee Specialist, a Career Development Director, a Doctor in training, a Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and a revolutionary accessibility specialist. We know how to use Google. 

We are no more special than anyone else, but We are each special, as are you. Welcome to our Family! 

Ala Abojaradeh

Interim Executive Director & Director of Jordan Chapter

She is a medical student and serves as an active member in the International Federation Medical Students Association. She aspires to one day become a doctor that truly represents humanity, treating people as humans instead of just patients.

Ahmad Abojaradeh


He is an Engineer, a Novelist, a Peer a Support Specialist, a Brother, an Uncle, a Friend, a Public Speaker and so much more. A Hiraeth, Compassionate,  Creative and Loving. World Traveler and Star Gazer when light pollution isn't trying to ruin his life. Problem solver, survivor and most importantly, an un-apologetically imperfect human being.

Michelle Ly.jpg

Michelle Ly



QC Analyst by day, unfocused artist by night. She is passionately curious with a love for the art of arranging words. As an inspiration seeker and aspiring sunshine spreader, she believe in kindness and compassion, and living life one day at a time with gratitude.

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